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Townships and Cities from 1890 to 2000

The townships of Pleasant, Pleasant View, Union and Wheatland are shown in the 1890 census.

Pleasant later became Lenora Township

Pleasant View was the name for both Clearfield and Kingsley in 1890

Wheatland was the name for Greenfield in 1890

The population of Kingsley in 1970 is officially recorded as 28.  It appears to be an error and probably should have been 128.

Most of the 1890 records were destroyed in a 1920 fire.

There is a 72 year privacy hold on all census records.  The 1940 records are scheduled for release on April 2, 2012.

Below are links to copies of the hand written census reports for each township.  Depending on your browser, you should be able to zoom in on all of them.

Questions Asked on 1900 Census

Questions Asked on 1910 Census

Questions Asked on 1920 Census

Questions Asked on 1930 Census

Each of the 4 links below contains links to all townships
1940 scheduled for release in 2012
Each link below contains links to 1900-1940
Addie Township
Ball Hill Township
Bartley Township
Broadview Township
Bryan Township
Clearfield Township
Cooperstown City
Cooperstown Township
Dover Township
Greenfield Township
Helena Township
Kingsley Township
Lenora Township
Mabel Township
Pilot Mound Township
Romness Township
Rosendal Township
Sverdrup Township
Tyrol Township
Washburn Township
Willow Township


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