Cold War

North Dakota played a very important role in the Cold War. Especially important were the Minuteman Missiles placed in silos around here as a determent to the Soviet Union.

The State Historical Society of North Dakota purcased one of the Launch Control Facilities that was known in military terminology as Oscar-Zero and had developed it into a State Historice Site.

It is now called the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile State Historic Site. It is 4 miles north of Cooperstown and guided tours are available 8 months per year (it is closed in Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb).

An actual missile silo called November 33 is located 2 miles east of Cooperstown. Admission is free and it is part of the State Historic Site.

The Griggs County Museum has opened the Northern Plains Cold War Interpretive Center (NPCWIC) to provide further educational and cultural experiences of what life was like during the Cold War.

The NPCWIC is located in the museum and the museum admission charge includes the NPCWIC.

The NPCWIC has a movie theater and 4 touch screen computers that you are welcome to use to delve further into many aspects of the Cold War.

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