North Dakota Fossil Sites


LocationCountyDirections,NotesFossils AgeFormation
AndrewsBillingsIn divide in SW1/4 S9 T140 R103Vertebrates - fish, turtles, Champsosaurs. Cretaceous
Bacon CreekBillingsnear mouth of creekplants,shells, saurian bones - Triceratops, other dinosaurs Cretaceous
MedoraBillings3.5 km SW fossil plantsCretaceous
MedoraBillingsAt Wannagan Creekcrocodiles,about 100 species of fossils Paleocene
Sand Creek P.O.Billingsat White Buttefish - Plioplarchus; vertebrates - Eporeodon, rhinoceros, crocodiles OligoceneWhite River
BowmanBowmanarea exposuresdinosaurs Cretaceous
RhameBowmanvertebrates-Triceratops, plantsCretaceousHell Creek
-Bowman,Billings Plants - Taxodium, Populus, Platanus, Juglans ,Hicoria, Sapindus, Viburnum, Trapa, Cocculus.Cretaceous
MoffitBurleigh11 km W and 2 km S Just S of crest of hill in bypassed road cut Decapods, RaninaPaleoceneCannonball
MoffitBurleigh2 km S Decapods
MoffitBurleigh2 km S 10 km W in old road cut on crest of hillCrabs, Ranina[?]Paleocene
MoffitBurleigh2 km S in sand blowout on W side of road NE1/4 S28 T127N R77WCrabsPaleocene
MoffitBurleighSand Blow outs 9 km W,2 km S on W side of the road Decapods, CamarocarcinusPaleoceneCannonball
Beaver CreekEmmonsalong Beaver Creek for 11 km in sand concretions Acanthoscaphites, Gervillia, Inoceramus, Sphenodiscus, SphaeriolaCretaceousPierre
Beaver CreekEmmonsat bridge 5 km up Sand Creek in sand concretions Acanthoscaphites, Gervillia, Inoceramus, Sphenodiscus, SphaeriolaCretaceousPierre
LintonEmmons2 km SW at Seeman Park in cutback on Beaver Creek bivalves, ammonites, gastropods
LintonEmmons6.5 km N in channel scourreptile bone fragments CretaceousHell Creek
LintonEmmonsIn North facing cutbank on Beaver Creek in Seeman Park 2 km S in Cretaceous Fox Hills Sandstone bivalves,ammonites,gastropods,Decapods,echinoids.
-Golden Valley,SlopeIn dark clay bands in fresh water bedsoysters turtles, Champsosaurs,ganoid fish fragments,plantsPaleoceneCannonball
CooperstownGriggs SE in 2km area along Sheyenne River Marine vertebrates -- Mosasaurs,sharks,fish,diverse invertebrates CretaceousPierre
BurnsteadLoganIn area road cuts bivalves,gastropods,ammonites.
BurnsteadLoganin area road cuts? Cretaceous
AlexanderMcKenzieAt Titanoides sitevertebrates-reptiles-Champsosaurus PaleoceneFort Union
RiverdaleMcLeanat Lake Sakakwea. Several outcrops accessible
only at times of very low water
Titanoides, 26 taxa of non-marine mollusks; Vivaparus,
Grangerella, Planaconvexa[?], mammal teeth
Paleocene Upper Sentinel Butte
AlmontMortonIn shale in mounds on area farmsWell preserved plant (conifer) fossilsPaleoceneSentinel Butte
BreienMortonIn SE1/4 S17 T134N R81W at base of cliffHalymenitesPaleoceneCannonball
BreienMortonalong base of bluffs is SE1/4 S17 T134N R81WHalymenites
Cannonball RiverMortonIn SE1/4S21T134NR80WMollusks Anomia, Cymbophora, Ostrea, Protocardia, Pteria, Tellina, Fasciolaria,
Polynices, Halymenites, gastropods, bone fragments, crocodile teeth
Cannonball RiverMortonIn SE1/4 S21 T134N R80W along river in coquina bed and concretions Anomia, pelecypods, Cymbophora, Ostrea, Protocardia, Pteria, Tellina, Fasciolaria,
Polynices, Halymenites, gastropods, bone fragments, crocodile teeth
JudsonMortonSlopenon-marine mollusksPaleocene Upper Bullion Creek
Schaller[?]MortonAbandoned P.O. -- in area outcropspelecypods and other fossils.Cretaceous
Fort BertholdMountrailon Missouri Rivernon-marine mollusks. Paleocene UpperSentinel Butte
New TownMountrail Bison Latifrons
WalhallaPembina11 km W in Pembina Gorgefossils CretaceousPierre
Fort YatesSiouxAmmonites-HoploscaphitesCretaceous Fox Hills
Niobrara River headwatersSiouxIn badlandsfossil Daemonelix burrows MioceneHarrison
Chalky ButtesSlopeIn a blowout on top of butteamphibians-AnuraOligoceneKilldeer
MarmarthSlope24 km NNE 1 km E of Little Missouri River forams,corals, bryozoa, mollusks, ostracods, Decapods
MarmarthSlope27 km NNE in SW facing exposure 1 km W of Little Missouri River?Paleocene Cannonball
MarmarthSlopeArea badlandsvertebrates Cretaceous
DickinsonStark21km S and 13km W in channel sandstones at Fitterer Ranch
SE 1/4 S7 T137N R97W
turtles-StylemysOligocene Brule
DickinsonStark22 km SW in area badlands exposures Ictops, Palaeolagus, Merycoidodon, Leptomeryx ,Mesohippus, Hyracodon, Aceratherium.OligoceneWhite River
South HeartStark11.2km SSquamata-PeltosaurusOligocene Brule
South HeartStark11km S mammals-Hyaenodon, Ischyromys, Leptictis, Merycoidodon, Mesohippus, Miniochoerus, PalaeolagusOligocene Brule
White ButteStarkvertebrates-Parectypodus, PhenacolemurEocene Golden Valley (ND)
-[?]Regional exposures in W part of stateFossil Plants PaleoceneFort Union
South Central ND[?]In Cretaceous outcrops in Sioux,Morton,Emmons Counties. Scaphites, bivalves, annelids, arthropods, fish, crocodiles,
turtles, trace fossils, cirripedes, Lingula

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